Research & Development

At the Scan Alpine Outdoors Co., we are completely committed to maintaining the quality of the products we manufacture and sell. We strongly believe that an organisation’s success in the marketplace is dependent purely on the company’s ability to maintain high standards of product quality. This explains why our entire product range is subjected to a comprehensive quality control process prior to being released to the market.

Inspired by this vision, we are truly passionate about having a strong product development focus. Quality, functionality, design and, above all, innovation, are at the root of our product development process. Our dedication has been aptly rewarded by the feedback we get from our customers time and time again over the years.

All our products are subjected to a battery of tests to ensure proper functioning and long lasting durability. Our products are created for long-term useuse; hence they will all come with a warranty period, guaranteeing their functionality for the promised term. It is only via this long process of testing and development we can ensure that the consumer can truly enjoy hindrancesthe best outdoor adventure ever experienced.

Through all of this, our primary goal is to solve the real-world challenges of adventurers and outdoor survivors. We have lenghthy discussions with our customers to gain insight into their concerns and requirements and our research team also puts in their own observations about shortcomings in existing equipment. All these issues are put into a brain storming process, at the end of which critical decisions are made with regards to the development of the products for the following year.

You must be wondering how we do this…

Focus on the experience

We have a very efficient in-house R & D team in our production facility, We work consistently to develop, innovate and design high-quality products, which must not simply meet but also preferably exceed the expectations of our customers. Our technical expertise, manufacturing know-how and unique material insight have consistently introduced state-of-the-art features to our products and services.

Design + engineering and put it to test

At Scan Alpine Outdoors, the research and development process includes everything from desk research, lab testing and field testing. We sometimes send our products overseas in order to be tested under very challenging terrains which cannot be experienced in Sri Lanka. For instance, we send our sleeping bags to test them in minus temperature climates abrasion resistant trousers to rugged mountains and camping tents to regions with super -hot temperatures to test their heat resilient functions.

This is a rather time-consuming process. Most of the times we are always at dead-ends with ideas, happy accidents, and unwanted repetitions. However, our passion to manufacture the best possible design, is at the core of our designing approach, and we make every effort to ensure that we do not compromise on quality no matter how difficult the process may be.

Own every detail and proud of our hard work

We truly believe that dDesigning our gear is an adventure in itself. In the fast-moving world, every brand has several and sometimes easier options to consider when coming up with new designs. Some even outsource this function. However, we don’t let an idea leave our table until we have worked it over and added our own uniqueness to every detail of the product, down to the stitches. This concept is a core value in our entire business. We have always believed that the best outcomes are derived from determination and lots of hard work. Our organization takes this challenge head on, and is at the core of what we do. And aAt the end of the day, our pride is in the unique outcome that delivers lasting experiences for our customers.

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